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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Orange County Personal Injury Attorney

What is a personal injury ?

A personal injury is an injury sustained – physical or emotional in nature – that is caused by another person’s conduct. This may be on the grounds of negligence, intentional wrongdoing or strict liability.

What is negligence?

The basic definition of negligence is failing to provide a standard level of care or act with reasonable caution, when this results in injury to another person. Negligence may involve an action or a failure to act. For example, a driver who forgets to check his blind spot before changing lanes may be held liable if this type of negligence caused an auto accident and injury to another driver.

What does it mean to be “liable” for someone’s injuries?

Being liable means having a legal responsibility for something, particularly for costs or damages. In the realm of personal injury, the person that caused injury to the victim may be considered legally responsible for the victim’s injuries and therefore may be held liable for medical costs, property damage and other expenses or losses associated with the incident.

Can I file a personal injury claim if someone intentionally caused me harm?

Yes. Although most personal injury claims involve negligence and unintentional harm, if a person intentionally and willfully attacks you this may also be grounds for a personal injury claim or lawsuit.

What types of Orange County personal injury cases does your firm handle?

At Accident Lawyers, we help clients with all types of personal injury claims, including those that involve motor vehicle accidents, dog bites, medical malpractice, defective products, nursing home negligence, workplace accidents and wrongful death. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case, so do not hesitate to call us or contact us online to discuss the matter further.

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